Terms & Conditions

By giving us your own subtleties through Philip Web Design and Development’s request structure, you thus concur with ALL terms and conditions expressed on this page. The Terms and Conditions recorded here will apply to website(s) recorded under Philip Web Design and Development, and every single fundamental representative, officials, operators and temporary workers.

At the point when you present a request, you thus assent that any official, representative, contractual worker or operator may get in touch with you on issues which may contrast from the aim of your unique request.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We won’t unveil your own data, or sell or lease your information to any outsiders without acquiring your earlier assent except if we are legally necessary to do as such. Information gathered from contact structures might be delivered into reports for us to screen and build up our administrations inside. Your data will fill in as unknown information in these reports, without any people being distinguished.

Our Regulations 

By submitting a request with Philip Web Design & Development, you affirm that you are in concurrence with and bound by the terms and conditions beneath.


The Client: The organization or individual mentioning the administrations of Philip Web Design & Development.

Philip Web Design & Development: Site developer, web designer and its employees are related to the web projects.


Philip Web Design & Development will complete a web project just when all of its detail are given either by email, phone or mail. Philip Web Design & Development will complete a web project just for customers who are 16 years old or above. A ‘request’ is esteemed to be a composed or verbal agreement between Philip Web Design & Development and the customer, this incorporates phone and email understandings.

Web Development & Web Development

While each try will be made to guarantee that the site and any contents or projects are liberated from blunders, Philip Web Design & Development can’t acknowledge obligation regarding any misfortunes brought about because of glitch, the site or any piece of it. The site, designs and any programming code remain the property of Philip Web Design & Development until every single exceptional record are come up with all required funds.

Any Php content, or programmer (except if explicitly concurred) composed by Philip Web Design & Development remains the copyright of Philip Web Design & Development and may just be economically repeated or exchanged with the authorization of Philip Web Design & Development.

Philip Web Design & Development can’t assume liability for any copyright encroachments brought about by materials presented by the customer. We claim all authority to deny any material of a copyrighted sort except if satisfactory confirmation is given of authorization to utilize such material.

Any increments to the concise will be done at the prudence of Philip Web Design & Development and where no charge is made by Philip Web Design & Development for such augmentations, Philip Web Design & Development acknowledge no obligation to guarantee such increases are sans blunder and maintain whatever authority is needed to charge an agreeing sum for any rectification to these or further increments.

The customer consents to make accessible when is sensibly conceivable to Philip Web Design & Development all materials required to finish the site to the concurred standard and inside the set cutoff time.

Philip Web Design & Development won’t be at risk for costs caused, pay or loss of profit because of the inability to comply with concurred time constraints.

Philip Web Design & Development won’t be obligated or become engaged with any debates between the site proprietor and their customers and can’t be considered answerable for any bad behavior with respect to a site proprietor.

Philip Web Design & Development won’t be at risk for any expenses acquired, remuneration or loss of income because of the work did for the benefit of the customer or any of the customers delegated specialists.

Philip Web Design & Development won’t be subject for any expenses brought about, pay or loss of profit because of the inaccessibility of the site, its servers, programming or any material gave by its specialists.

A store of 30% is required with any task before any work will be completed.

When a site has been structured and finished the last parity of installment is then due as per our installment terms. There are no exemptions to this, for example in the event that the customer chooses they never again need the site, as they have appointed the work and paid a store they are still obliged to pay for the work that has been finished. Non-installment will bring about legitimate move being made if essential.

Database, Application and E-Commerce Development

Philip Web Design & Development can’t assume liability for any misfortunes caused by the utilization of any product made for the customer. While each care has been taken to guarantee items are without issue and precise, a definitive duty lies with the customer in guaranteeing that all product is working effectively before use.

The customer is relied upon to test completely any application or programming identifying with a site created by Philip Web Design & Development before being made commonly accessible for use. Where “bugs”, mistakes or different issues are found after the site is live, Philip Web Design & Developments will try (yet isn’t obliged to) to address these issues to satisfy the guidelines of capacity laid out in the brief


Philip Web Design & Development will attempt to guarantee that any created/planned website or application will work accurately on the server it is at first introduced in and that it will work effectively when seen with the web perusing programming CMS Platforms. Philip Web Design & Development can offer no assurances of right capacity with all program programming.

Site Hosting

While Philip Web Design & Development can have or prescribes facilitating organizations to have sites, no assurances can be made with regards to the accessibility or interference of this administration by Philip Web Design & Development can’t acknowledge obligation for misfortunes brought about by the inaccessibility, breakdown or interference of this administration, or for loss of turnover, deals, income, benefits or roundabout, important or uncommon misfortune. Philip Web Design & Development claims all authority to decline to deal with in any capacity, material which might be considered hostile, illicit or in any capacity questionable, and furthermore to end the facilitating administration should the need emerge.


100% installment is required for any equipment, programming, web facilitating or other out-of-pocket costs that might be required to finish the undertaking, as referenced inside the statement, gauge or proposition. A store is required from any customer before any work is completed. It is the Philip Web Design & Development approach that any exceptional records for project did by Philip Web Design & Development or its members are required to be come up with all required funds, no later than 12 days from the date of the receipt except if by earlier course of action with Philip Web Design & Development.

When a store is paid and work finished you are obliged to cover the equalization of installment. We will contact customers by means of email and phone to help them to remember such installments in the event that they are not gotten when due. Following steady non-installment of a receipt our Solicitors will contact the customer being referred to, with the end goal of taking the issue further and if need be to look for installment through legitimate methodology, and if essential court summons.


Any individual who encounters an issue with their web administration gave by Philip Web Design & Development should raise the issue legitimately utilizing our online contact structure or our help ticket framework to do as such, giving adequate data to find the material, (for example, a URL) and unmistakably sketching out the justification for grumbling. Philip Web Design & Development will move toward the individual answerable for the material being referred to with the end goal of settling the issue as per the general inclination of the complainant.

The conventional grievances system should just be utilized where the complainant feels that the idea of the protest is too genuine to even think about being managed casually, or where an agreeable end has not been come to in the wake of following the casual technique. A conventional objection ought to be made recorded as a hard copy Philip Web Design & Development, who will recognize receipt and guarantee that the issue is investigated as quickly as time permits. An underlying reaction to any complaint is acceptable normal in 10 days of its receipt; a full and considered reaction to the grievance ought to be finished inside 30 days and any ensuing cure actualized with the base of deferral.


Kindly email us at [email protected] and list the telephone numbers or any contact details you wish to exclude from our communications.