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We are a top 1 Web Designer and Web Developer in the Philippines. Philip Web Design & Development is an agency, leading and offering the perfect and very cheap website packages price for different industries, which can be consistently high-quality websites. Also, offering digital marketing solutions with the latest techniques and software programs to any size business at affordable website rates by our skilled and highly-experienced Filipino software engineers, website developers, web designers, and SEO specialists in Manila, Philippines.
The only Philippine Website Designer & Web Developer, offering free CDN and extra backups solution into different remote storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. (To promote speed and security)
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Proudly, we are a unique Philippine web design and web development company, that constructs the excellent websites that are considered web-optimization in general such as SEO and Mobile-Friendly, and likewise easy to use and manage by the owner/s of the custom websites or online shopping stores. Anyway, are you looking for the best Philippine web designers and web developers for building a successful online business decorum? However, we are here and can do it for you. 
Also, we possess the greatest Philippine web developers in our team members, who have built a broad range of business websites with most popular and used CMS platforms like Wix, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and also the best and successful Marketing CMS Platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. Accordingly, our agency is the best website development company Philippines, we know and understand well HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP in developing the best and affordable commerce websites. Furthermore, our digital marketing (Social Media Marketing) and SEO services attract the right users to showcase your unique brands. 

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How are we different? Why chose us?
We consider and focus on our clients’ needs first, and accordingly analyze and recommend the best solution possible that can be delivered to our valuable clients. Fundamentally, We humbly possess creative expertise and technical skills, achieved by years of experience in website design and website development in Manila, Philippines. Therefore, Philip Web Design & Development is a team of passionate and hardworking that love nothing more than an opportunity to express our talents, and building the best website design in the Philippines. However, our website packages, offering the following free and special services to all of our clients, as demonstrated below.
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Confidently, our team has offered the greatest, incredible and affordable website design packages price in the Philippines. As it was understood by many business owners, E-Commerce websites are the backbone and the foundation of a successful business in the marketplace nowadays. However, our website packages are trying to cover all the requirements of a professional online-website as well as our clients’ needs as an affordable website development company in the Philippines. 
6000 ₱3999 
  • Free Domain (com, net, info, org), SSL, & Web Hosting (1 GB)
  • Up to 5 Web-pages of Responsive and Web Design (Work in any device) 
  • SEO (Basic)   
  • E-Commerce                      
  • Fast Delivery (3 Days) 
  • Free Support (1 Month) 
Small Business
9000 ₱6999
  • Free Domain (com, net, org), SSL, & Web Hosting (2 GB)
  • Up to 7 Web-pages and Responsive Web Design          (Work in any device)
  • SEO (Standard) 
  • E-Commerce (Basic)
  • Fast Delivery (5 Days) 
  • Free Support (2 Months)
25000 ₱17999
  • Free Domain (com, net, org), SSL, & Web Hosting (5 GB) 
  • Up to 10 Web-pages and Responsive Web Design (Work in any device)
  • SEO (Standard) 
  • E-Commerce (Standard)
  • Fast Delivery (5 Days) 
  • Free Support (3 Months) 
₱39999 & Up
  • Free Domain (com, net, org), SSL, & Web Hosting (15 GB) 
  • Unlimited Web-pages and Responsive Web Design (Work in any device)
  • SEO (Advanced) 
  • E-Commerce (Advanced)
  • Fast Delivery (10 Days)
  • Free Support (6 Months)
How we can help you?
As mentioned earlier, Philip Web Design & Development is an affordable web design company in the Philippines, aiming to provide step by step process in developing good E-commerce sites, including the domain registration, website hosting, web design, web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Digital Marketing solutions. Therefore, we constantly look to serve our valuable clients by making the best and high-quality E-Commerce sites. surely, it can let you easily and rapidly add value to your products/services in the marketplace, and consequently promote your business for achieving your business goals. Also, we carefully check and assess that our built websites’ pages are without problem and error indexed to the main search engines like Google and Yahoo,  thus, your product or service items are visible and searchable by the aforementioned search engines. Without a doubt, we are not just another web development company Philippines. Yes, we are extremely excited to create a professional E-Commerce site, which promotes your brand name in the marketplace, although we understand as a successful web developer that this aim needs huge efforts and passion!  However, we would like to introduce you regarding the wide range of our web development services are as follows:

Web Designer Philippines

 We are one of the most skilled Philippine web designers. Your website is a significant piece of your online advertisement, for making a superior site. We understand and consider the significance of web design for all of our clients. Therefore, We generate a website look great and fantastic that promotes the usability of your website. We concentrate more on web designing and generally speaking visual aspects and the layout of your website by applying design software programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, GIMP, Bootstrap, etc. Additionally, Our specialist members, who are the greatest web designers in the Philippines, and utilize program codes such as HTML and CSS as well, to produce beautiful and responsive websites for our clients from different sectors.

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Most importantly, we know how to find the best and creative ideas to construct a new website or correct some mistakes of a built website through the latest method and techniques in E-Commerce designing, to give attraction to the visitors to visit and revisit your online shopping store. So, more visitors can potentially more sales and profit for you. As a Philippine web design company. We possess both inventive realistic aptitudes and specialized abilities. And also the option to envision how a web-page should be seen as well as how it should work properly.
Thus, we realize the website composition significance, it is an ideal opportunity to build high-quality websites. For achieving this aim, our web specialists consider some main key factors to design and make an incredible online business store for you, as listed below:
1. Responsive Web Design
The visitors or clients can access your E-commerce store by a wide range of gadgets such as PC, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even TVs. Therefore, a large number of various screen resolutions (screen sizes), which should be considered during designing a website. However, the majority of visitors have used smartphones and laptops to access our websites as some research showed. So, we have built websites that can adjust to all kinds of screen sizes, especially for mobiles and laptops as the first aim of our web design in the Philippines.
Responsive websites - Philippines web designing
2. Web Design Style Guide
The main aspect of a good website is to be designed consistency over the whole web-pages, which can assist the visitors or clients to recognize your online image and encourage you to have a positive connection with your web-pages. Thus, the style guide improves the consistency of the image of your business in the long term, for being a good web designer in the Philippines, we constantly consider this issue for our clients. Interestingly, there are different components and factors related to a site style guide such as:
  • Font size, color, and style of the words: the font size of the primary titles (H1-H5), the font size of the contents, the color and style of the content where can show up.
  • Colors: essential and auxiliary colors, text design on shaded foundations, essential hues for features, and the colors of links.
  • Lattice: deciding to choose properly the dispersing in the components.
  • Graphics inside web pages: suitable patterns and colors for the key symbols (Icons), demonstrating based on essential principles of web pages’ design.
3. Website’s Visual Design  
Indeed, the website’s visual design has a necessary role in achieving the goals of a commerce website. An effective visual structure guarantees that the users decide to read and remain on your web-pages. As the rule of thumb, a web-page with high-quality visual design can attract clients or visitors, and also generate their trust and enthusiasm in reviewing the items of products or services. Surely, we are the best Philippine website design company, which never neglects this important factor in designing a good website, we concentrate and use more on the beautiful styles and patterns for our clients’ online shopping stores by selecting proper pictures, videos, colors, text styles, etc. Consequently, building a new website based on the website’s visual design is a must, for getting more clients and profit for your business as well.
4. Good Website Navigation
Websites’ visitors would like to explore effortlessly and feel excellent experiences on our web-pages when they visit our web-page for the first time, and this aim can not be got without good web navigation. Navigation is a necessary piece of any site, it can help and direct the web visitors seek and find easily and shortly the most important, and informative parts of a commerce website that they need to read. Therefore, a good online-store should be built and used different kinds of navigation like menu navigation, which lets the visitors or clients find the specific content of a web-page within a short time.
However, our specialists are the greatest Philippines web designers, offering you the optimized websites that are designed carefully and possess excellent web navigation (Headings, menu, sub-menu), preventing your clients’ struggle to see your product and service items on your web pages. Certainly, our built websites do not bother and give trouble to your web visitors in discovering and obtaining the main information of your sites shortly.      
5. Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons
Amazingly, some crucial components or buttons can improve your website layout. These important factors are well-known call-to-action buttons that usually build by combining a bit of content with a picture, which always asks visitors or clients to click on them for next step (eg. subscribe, register, buy now, request a quote, sign up, learn more, view more, etc). 
They can make a significant role in the success or failure of your online business. However, it is often difficult to build and place this fundamental site factor correctly, which grape the majority of the visitors’ attention. Consequently, as an excellent web designer Philippines, we constantly consider some principles to construct the best call to action buttons for our clients, such as the right size, color, shape, text font, and location for these buttons. 

Web Developer Philippines

As mentioned, we are the most affordable web designer in the Philippines, as well as 1 of the best web developers Philippines If you would like to have your online shopping site, you can tell us what you want for this matter. We can easily develop an effective website, which covers all the technical aspects of your business targets. So, we construct and maintain websites according to the view of our clients. Last, the outcome of our work can effectively demonstrate and offer your products and services to potential customers, and it may doubtlessly assist you to increase massively your sale.
Thus, our successful Philippines web developers are answerable for planning, coding and altering sites, from beginning to the last part of the development of your online site based on your business’ needs, as well as to make outwardly engaging destinations which components are easy to understand by users. Accordingly, the primary focus of our team members is ought to consistently construct and effective Philippines web development company, which promotes sales and the success for each of our clients.
WordPress and WooCommerce - web development company Philippines
For achieving this aim, we are familiar with several programs, databases, and coding some portion of a site, which called “back-end”, and in the structure and interface part that is “front-end”. More importantly, we know both of these techniques to develop progressively online sites, which proudly present us as Full Stack Web Developers in the Philippines. According to our clients, we are the best and affordable website development company in the Philippines, that knows and works with several computer operating systems and web servers. We likewise use and implement numerous web programmings , applications like “HTML”, “JavaScript” (JS), “Security Principles”, “E-Commerce Programs”, ‘Cross-browser compatibility”, “Web Services” (“REST/SOAP”), “Content Development”, “Web Programming Skills”, etc.  
In our agency that is the most reliable web developer in the Philippines, our team members try to make sits that are easy to use and manage by their owners. However, this can be happened by adopting the “Content Management System” (“CMS”). These software systems are “user-friendly”, easy to manage and share, “SEO friendly”, simply to integrate other social media (Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.). Therefore, we work a variety of the best and most useful CMS Platforms for Business, such as WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, Woocommerce, Magento, which can easily satisfy your needs and requirements of your business in the market. Without a doubt, our Philippines web developers are master to apply these CMSs in building your online-site properly.
Interestingly, almost 40% of all online shopping stores are adopted by “WordPress” plus “WooCommerce”, revealing the importance of these powerful CMSs in developing a successful online shopping store. Without a doubt, the main reason is that they are so much flexible and free to use in short and even long term marketing goals. In other words, they can wholly give freedom to select your web-hosting and also the specific “plugins”, which are necessary to manage your online shopping store on WordPress.org that accommodates thousands of plugins (eg. Yoast SEO, Jetpack, etc.). As an experienced web developer in the Philippines, we know and use “WooCommerce” that is a powerful E-commerce platform to administer your online store, it can match and update ultimately with WordPress. That is why it has become one of its famous plugins. “WooCommerce” can let your store sell any kind of product and service items such as  “physical goods” and even “digital downloads” with a wide range of payment options.  

Digital Marketing & SEO


Our agency is not just the Philippines web designer and Philippines web developer, we work and concern about digital marketing in building your online business site too. “Digital marketing” is well-known as an optimal advertising procedure, which generates the electrical or online business image, as well as promotes “brand name” of certain product or service in the eyes of people by applying digital tools like “Online advertising” (“PPC Ads”, “Display Ads”), “Search engine optimization” (SEO), and “Social Media Management” (Facebook ads, etc.). However, search engine optimization is the crucial one among other tools of digital marketing, it is the only method that assists your commerce site to be seen and ranked freely at high level by most used Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, So, it is essential and significant to practice SEO, giving more chances to have more traffic to your online store and accordingly more orders and profit for your business.     
Amazingly, our website development company Philippines is found that main search engines crawl, classify, record, and rank websites based on the quality of their contents or keywords for each of web-pages that help people discover your E-store among others. But if your website was not built properly, accordingly its web-pages can not be found by your potential clients, causing losing money for your business, which is essential for web design in the Philippines. As results revealed, SEO can easily enhance organic traffic, site usability, brand awareness, and profit. Thus, SEO is fundamentally a vital piece of any “digital marketing strategy”, to make sure that your online shopping site is ranked and visible on the first page or second page of the search engines, especially Google.
Pinoy Digital marketing
However, our Philippines web designers are aware of applying “digital marketing”, and its tools like search engine optimization in developing and promoting the online-stores of our clients. However, our good Philippines web developers  use four powerful methods in improving your digital marketing, which are the following techniques:
  1. “On-page Optimization”: It is an effective procedure that considers the technical aspects for making an optimal website, this method focuses more on how to construct an online-store properly with optimizing images and contents are relevant, educational and shareable, as well as improvement of web-page speed and the HTML source code.
  2. “Off-page Optimization”: It is a great tool to promote externally the “authority” of your domain by building high quality “backlinks” from other valuable websites that are closely related to your industry or famous directories and blogs. It is a primary target to promote the search rankings of an online-site your
  3. “Local SEO”: It is included the method practices to promote your online business store locally, focusing on the ways that increase the visibility of your E-Commerce site to local clients, like “Google My Business” (Google Maps), using more local content and Keywords, as well as local directory listings, etc.
  4. “Search engine marketing” (“SEM”):  It is more related to promote the visibility of your online shopping-site by programmatic advertising  (on target group) on Search Engines’ listing, which is s paid tactic and well-known as “Ads” (“pay per click”), such as Social Media Ads (eg. Facebook), Google AdWords, etc.
We've served all industries
Philip Web Design & Development has experienced and labored across various business companies and sectors over the years. More importantly, our team members have worked and help many small businesses owners, online entrepreneurs and even large companies in different industries and sectors (eg. “Real Estate”, “Finance”, “Government”, “Travel”, “Retail”, “Healthcare” and many more), which have been delivered powerful marketing image for their business through our web design company in the Philippines and other countries as well. Please click here to see our previous projects.
Philippines web design company - our web projects from different sectors

Website Design and Development Process

As a web design and web development company in Manila, Philippines, all of our website packages have built for our clients by a specific process in design and development for each of our website packages.

In our web designer and developer company in the Philippines, after receiving the first email from our clients. We ask them to send us more about their business, such as the pictures and details of their products or services items, and what their customers may expect from their business website. , with the aim of understanding better what kind of E-commerce website design and development, they are looking for promoting their business.

Then we start collecting more data and search regarding the requirements of our clients on Google based on our client’s requirements, because any web design project is unique and needed some investigation for preventing further mistakes. Then we perform brainstorming and planning for the next steps that are web design and development in Manila, Philippines.

Our web design process is often begun to select between 3 and 5 bust website layout designs according to the expectations of our clients and also the characteristics of their business in Manila, Philippines. After selecting 1 of them and domain name (if they have not had already) by our clients, we can register a unique domain name with SSL certificate plus 1 year web hosting for them with a certain GB SSD Memory, which depends on what kind of web design package is intended. Then the best professional web design software tools will be used and applied to design the logo and website elements like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, and others. More importantly, the result of our work can have a huge impact on how visitors can perceive our clients’ business brand in Manila, Philippines. Therefore, our effort is to make a good UX (User experience) and responsive websites with affordable and cheap web design packages in manila, Philippines, which can add value to the services of our clients.

The logo and web layouts that were completed in the previous step will be shown to our clients, and after their confirmation, will be delivered to our web developer. For this step, we usually use one or more CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce, etc. in developing the webs that is not so complicated and easy to manage by our clients. The majority of business owners and bloggers would prefer use WordPress and its themes and Plugins nowadays, because is SEO, mobile and user-friendly, its simple functionalities and a lot of features, such as flexibility, media, management, easy to update, freedom, extend with Plugins. We work all as thwe best web designer and developer in Manila, Philippines Thus, our web developers need to review carefully our clients’ needs first, in order to know what kind of themes and plugins are suitable and necessary for developing their E-Commerce online.

Then they choose and download the best free or premium theme that is light with high functionalities, and also free or paid plugins that generate sustainable visibility, high speed, Google XML sitemaps, Google analytics, social share, logging in, high security, subscribe and contact forms, image optimization, E-Commerce features of their website best web designer and developer in Manila, Philippines

Forth step of our web design and development agency best web designer and developer in Manila, Philippines, prior to the indexation of the website on the google search engine publically, our team member will check again all steps of the implementation of website design and web development, to ensure and guaranty that all web designing and development processes can meet our standard, and web design package and website development package checklist as well as our client’s requirements in Manila, Philippines. We check the functionalities of the theme and each of the Plugins. For example, we check the speed of the web by WordPress Speed Test like Pingdom and GTmetrix. Measuring Web Design Responsiveness Tools by Designmodo responsive test, the responsive calculator to make sure the web is responsive design, and works in desktop, tablet, mobile. we also assess, which there is no broken link by Online broken link c\hecker and dead link checker. Most importantly, we will check that all webpages, especially the homepage is optimized for google search engine by SEO Site Checkup. However, we will adjust and fix them before launching the website officially, if some errors were revealed in this step. at the end, the web-site will be indexed on the main search engines, and delivered to our client best web designer and developer in Manila, Philippines.

In the last step, We also continue to help and necessary revisions for your site based on the pried of time of your website design package that you have selected (Warranty period: maintenance). to make sure that your web site’s functionalities are healthy and without errors. also, we can teach you some simple steps to manage and generate the new web page for your website. Meanwhile, if our clients would like to have more organic traffic to their website, we will assist them to improve the SEO of their sites by some effective techniques best web designer and developer in Manila, Philippines.

Achieving Your Vision is Our Passion.

Philip Web Design and Development is the best website design in the Philippines, and also an affordable Philippine website development company, it will be with you every step of the way towards making the vision a reality
– Because we are not just developers, we’re business nurturers.